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The Story of the Sad Househunters

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Jack and Jill decided they finally wanted to purchase a home, so they called Mr. Realtor.

When Mr. Realtor met with Jack and Jill, he asked them if they have been pre-approved by a mortgage professional. They said they have not - but "knew" they would qualify. Since Jack and Jill seemed like a really nice, smart couple, Mr. Realtor went against his better judgement and chose to show them houses without a pre-approval.

The three of them looked for weeks to find the perfect home. Finally, they went to a home up on the hill, and decided it was perfect. With excitement, they put an offer in!

However, without a pre-approval letter, the seller could not accept their offer. They finally decided to speak to a mortgage professional. Unfortunately, Jack and Jill discover they do not qualify to purchase their dream home atop the hill, and their dreams came tumbling after.

Moral of the Story: Always get pre-approved by a mortgage professional ... preferably the Cape Cod Mortgage Guy ... before looking at houses.

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